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Welcome to
Render Island

We are a 3D technology studio focused on delivering top quality assets and applications to our clients and partners

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Render Island

Render Island Studio is the design arm of LiveRoom, a leading software development company in the 3D computer graphics industry providing services in software development, rendering engine development and 3D application development.

Our Services

We are building world class augmented reality and virtual reality applications and creating well optimized 3D assets for any application you develop or a movie you create.

Our Work

Check out some beautiful creations we have made in the past

Our Clients


We have been serving to a global clientele
since 2016, This is what our clients have to
say about us.


"I am thoroughly impressed with the innovative ideas, challenging works, responsibilities and hard working ability of LiveRoom which carried them to the level they are today. I have acknowledged the fast growth of the them thanks to the highly talented resource pool they are containing. It is impressive to say that the company has always delivered the requested tasks to the asked deadline and standards amid of the tight schedule.”

Toru Sekizuka, Former CTO, 3D Incorporated, Denso Group, Japan

"Working with LiveRoom not only opened doors for our company digitalization but brought forward many advancements as it is a company uplifting innovative ideas and challenging work. Our expectations were met with much efficiency and the satisfactory factor was the on time delivery and minimal supervision we had to provide. LiveRoom team was very outgoing and we wouldn't think twice for future collaborations with them."


John Salley, Brand Ambassador, Fashion88, Former NBA Player


“We were benefited greatly from working with Render Island. They helped us bring our exact vision to reality and made helpful suggestions to improve the project as we worked on it. They were extremely easy to work with, worked efficiently and presented us with work of the highest caliber that blew us away. Team is skilled and professional with everything they do and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

Thimal Kempitiya
AI Research Lead
La Trobe University, Australia

Our Pricing Is Transparent

We always value transparency as a key factor in all our activities, our pricing has always been clear and upfront. No hidden charges or fees, and no random add ons.

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Fixed 3D
Modeling Prices


We have a fixed price chart for PBR 3D models based on complexity



Extra Complex
Starting From $250

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Fixed 3D
Development Prices

If you have a fixed budget we’ll help you to define the scope and specifications of the project. Once agreed upon, we’ll stick to the budget and complete the work within the agreed timeframe.

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Designers : $30 - $35 / hr
Developers : $35 - $65 / hr

Dedicated Teams

When your project has dynamically changing requirements we can allocate a team of designers and developers which stays under your management and can be scaled up or down over time.

Let’s Discuss Your Idea

Our team is looking forward to discussing the scope of your future project. Connect with one of our 3D specialists or developers at a time that’s convenient to you.

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