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We will help you create your own realities by taking you into incredible worlds with VR and bringing the unimaginable into the real world with AR

AR Projects

Helping you bring your creative vision into the real world by creating projects that transform the world around you  

Animalia AR

We created an app that allows users to observe a range of majestic animals in Augmented Reality in the real world. These life-sized counterparts of the most amazing creatures allow for people to learn more about them in a much more entertaining way than flipping through a book.

Raxtar AR

We worked with Raxtar to help them provide customers with a much clearer vision of the vertical access solutions provided by Raxtar. Users were able to view them in AR and see all the parts that come together to make them a success and demonstrate these elevators in action.

AR Entertainment Face Filter

This AR Face Filter helps brands reach a wider audience by providing its consumers with the ability to share their experiences and love for the drink on their social media by flaunting their custom Face Filter.

AR Seasonal
Face Filter

This filter was created to provide some seasonal entertainment for users, allowing them to transform themselves into a much-loved Sri Lankan sweet. This AR filter helped bring more awareness to seasonal campaigns and brought in traffic to the relevant company websites.

VR Projects

Helping your clients travel to and immerse themselves in unbelievable terrains and universes 

Golden Bridge

Users are able to experience the adrenaline rush of walking across and on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. They can take in the breathtaking 360° view as they navigate their way through the pride of San Francisco.


This experience helps bring an otherwise unknown simplicity and convenience to Real Estate by eliminating the travel time between properties and allowing users to explore every angle of the available properties through Virtual Reality.

Physio VR

Patients are able to complete their physiotherapy sessions more independently using VR. The amount of guidance required is greatly reduced, giving physiotherapists and patients more flexibility with their schedules.


This VR experience helps military personnel to practice in a much more realistic simulated environment. They can train in several different conditions and environments much more easily, helping them have the best preparation for the battlefield that they possibly can.

Let’s Discuss Your Idea

Our team is looking forward to discussing the scope of your future project. Connect with one of our 3D specialists or developers at a time that’s convenient to you.

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