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We Are
Render Island

We are a 3D technology studio focused on delivering top quality assets and applications to our clients and partners

Our Story

Render Island came to be from a big idea between a small group of people. We wanted to revolutionize the way the gaming industry worked and provide the most high quality assets possible to clients all over the world.  

What started off as a humble idea in a room of just a few people has now become a strong team of expert artists, designers and animators working together and creating some of the best 2D and 3D gaming assets in the gaming space. We have now expanded our horizons to include animation, rigging, NFTs and AR and VR. Our goal is to become everyone’s go-to for all things gaming and animation. 

Our Team

Teamwork, Inclusion and Render Island Culture We at Render Island are focused on ensuring that our team members work together and support each other to achieve our short and long term goals. Our team includes people from numerous backgrounds who come together to keep the Render Island Culture intact.  

Content Creation

Eranda Ehelepola
Purniama Mitra.jpeg
Purnima Mitra
Ishan Dilantha.jpeg
Ishan Dilantha
Saratha Sahan.jpg
Saratha Sahan
Ramani Galgodage.jpg
Ramani Galabodage
Shenara Peiris.jpg
Shenara Peiris
Imalsha Umayangani.jpeg
Imalsha Umayangani

XR Development

Poorna Perera.jpg
Poorna Perera
Binoj Ishara.jpg
Binoj Ishara


Tharindu Karunanayake.jpg
Tharindu Karunanayake
Harsha Buddika.jpg
Harsha Buddhika
Sahan Walpita.jpg
Sahan Walpita
Shehan Deshapriya.jpg
Shehan Deshapriya
melanie rebecca.jpg
Melani Rebecca
Ruchira Ruwantha.jpg
Ruchira Ruwantha
Sachini Piyumali.jpg
Sachini Piyumali
Dewshi Anicitus.jpg
Dewshi Anictus
Sanath Dissanayake.png
Ruchira Sachinthana.jpg
Sanath Dissanayake
Anjana Kavinda.jpeg
Ruchira Sachinthana
Nimesha Warnakulasooriya.jpg
Anjana Kavinda
Nimesha Warnakulasooriya
Avishka Rathnavibushana_Intern.jpg
Keith Praveen_Intern.jpg
Avishka Rathnavibushana
Keith Praveen
Ruchira Kavinda_Intern.jpg
Ruchira Kavinda


Achala Weersooriya.jpg
Nazeera Samsudeen.jpg
Achala Weerasooriya
Nazeera Samsudeen
Erandika Samaraweera.jpg
Erandika Samaraweera

Let’s Discuss Your Idea

Our team is looking forward to discussing the scope of your future project. Connect with one of our 3D specialist or developer at a time that’s convenient to you.

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