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Easy AR

Easy AR helps you to build awesome Augmented Reality apps quickly and easily without coding in Unity 3D. We have two packages for regular AR apps and location based AR apps.


Easy AR : No Code Unity AR Tool

This Unity package helps you to create apps with vertical and horizontal auto spawning, multiple object spawning, individual object controls, object configuration, measurement, floor tiling, automatic dynamic lighting and reflections, occlusion and baked contact shadows. 

Easy AR Spatial Anchors
with Azure Cloud

Easy AR Spatial Anchors with Azure Cloud Pack enables users to find nearby content, share and play mixed reality experiences in a real-world locations. It comes with a Basic Technical Demo Scene that explains step by step guidance on how to use the app and another 4 demos are included as various use cases of real life scenarios.


Check out our latest tutorials on how to use our tools to build awesome Augmented Reality apps easily in Unity 3D

Are you looking for AR Developers?

Our team is one of the best Augmented Reality app developer in Asia. Feel free to schedule a call and discuss your requirements.

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