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Learn more about what’s going on at Render Island and educate yourself on the latest updates in the gaming world.

Easy AR Documentation

Easy AR is an Unity package can be used to easily set up your own Augmented Reality application without knowing any coding skills. We have improved features of Easy AR with AR Foundation 4+ Versions & brings you 8 new utility scenes which are AR Single Vertical & Horizontal Placement, Multiple Object Placement, AR Measurement, AR Tilling, AR Water Pump, AR Pizza & AR Portal. With our newer update bring you a AR occlusion feature and AR configurator demo to Easy AR.

Easy AR Spatial Anchors with Azure Cloud Documentation

Easy AR Spatial Anchors with Azure Cloud is an Unity package which can be used to interact with Augmented Reality applications with cloud recognition. Using Application users are able to place AR objects, save them in cloud & view placed AR content by repopulating with the same device or different devices using the app itself. We have used Azure spatial anchors Unity plugin for the cloud recognition part which supports Unity AR Foundation 4+ Versions & brings you 4 new use cases with basic demos which are Wayfinding, Star Hunt Game, AR Assistant & Area Target.

Let’s Discuss Your Idea

Our team is looking forward to discussing the scope of your future project. Connect with one of our 3D specialists or developers at a time that’s convenient to you.

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